By Dennis Ivy

📆 Posted on 2022-9-28

Startups & Projects I'm Watching

A collection of promising startups and projects I am watching this year. Some of these are companies with venture backed capital; and some are side projects, either way, I think everything on this list is pretty cool and worth a try.

JSON Crack

Finally a way to visualize your JSON data structure! Not only can you paste in JSON data and see what it actially looks like, but you can provide endpoints to any API your building and see it output automatically. I’ll be using JSON Crack in future tutorials thats for sure!


Found project via linkedin post

Clip Drop

Maybe it’s just a cool looking feature without a practical use case, I don’t know, but after seeing this video can you honestly say you’re not impressed?

I’ll be looking more into this and seeing if it really is as cool as it seems.


Since heroku announced they are discontinuing their free teir in novermber of 2022 everybodys been looking for alternitives. In my hunt for a new place to host my applications and database I found a venture backed startup that makes hosting easier than ever.

I’ve already made a few videos using Railway to host my postgres database and some Djano applications and I gotta say I’m never going back.

“Easiest Way To Connect Django To A Postgres Database”

This venture backed organization just finalized a seed round where they raised over $20 million dollers! And to add to that the lead investor was Guillermo Rauch, the CEO of Vercel. Having the backing from an investor of such a successful Tech company such as Vercel certainly tells me Railway is doing something right.